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If you are lucky enough to have visited Ella, Café Chill will be a stylish roadside cafe in the most glamorous neighborhood, and the most popular name among the various foreign nationals who used to visit Ella.

Darshana was inspired to design the ideal café-space to fulfill his entrepreneurial dream and experience wandering the bustling bazar of Ella Town, absorbing culture, meeting lovely people, and tickling the taste buds with local delights. He started Café Chill, a juice bar with two tables, thirteen years ago. He conceived the notion of creating a chill environment at his juice bar.

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Café Chill offers coffee, juice, and the delicious food we serve is mostly from the continental, South Asian, American, and Chinese regions. Our specialties include everything from salads to chili dogs, breakfast to dinner, but with a bit of a twist. Whether you're seeking our Hot Cheese Fries at 3:00 PM or French toast with eggs and bacon at 10:00 AM, we have what you're desperately looking for.

The food is excellent, with flavorful local and Western dishes and brewed coffee, and this stylish roadside cafe business has developed into a full restaurant and boutique hotel with an upper deck scattered with cushions and tables and graced with a sculpted, wave-inspired wooden roof. It is run by an engaged local team.

We strive extremely hard to make food and beverages that are cost effective, fresh, healthy, and authentic, as a result, and we keep seeking out fresh products from various sources and stay away from unhealthy ingredients like refined white sugar and artificial flavor enhancers.

At Café Chill, the café's interior decor is very important. We adorned our space with old light fixtures, palm and succulent plants, stunning graffiti, and handmade wooden furniture. When choosing to dine at Café Chill, we guarantee that every customer enjoys the best possible dining experience.

Our approach at our café is to build our success on what we love, which is hospitality and taking care of others. We believe in hand-picking only the best coffees and presenting them to you precisely. Café Chill is a popular destination for everyone to enjoy delicious coffee, appetizers, fastfood, authentic sri lankan cusine, wine, and beverages. We aim for quality in all of our decisions and are excited about our journey together. We are dedicated to making everyone's coffee experience as enjoyable as possible.

We get our beans and milk from small, local growers that manufacture high-quality goods. Our milk is sourced from a nearby dairy farm, and our coffee is freshly roasted.